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A 495- House lease plain English format famished or unfurnished 11 -78. 0 0 1978 BY JULIUS BLUMBERG INC PUBLISHER NYC i0019 LEASE AGREEMENT The Landlord and Tenant agree to lease the Premises at the Rent and for the Term stated on these terms LANDLORD TENANT Address for Notices Premises Lease date Term beginning ending Yearly Rent Monthly Rent Security 1. Use The Premises must be used to live in only and for no other reason* Only a party signing this Lease spouse and children of that party...
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Welcome to 111 eighth Avenue I know most of you are already quite familiar with this place as Google's New York City headquarters and somewhere you probably spend an awful lot amount of your time every day it's a gigantic bustling building building an entire block of lower Chelsea and sporting sweeping views of the midtown skyline to the north the financial district and upper New York paid to the south and vast expanses of the Hudson River just to the west it has one of the largest footprints of any building in Manhattan at 16 stories high it was the second largest building on earth when it was originally billed 120,000 yards of concrete thirty one thousand tons of steel 12 million bricks 4 acres of glass it's still one of the largest buildings in New York City a skyscraper laid on its side bigger than the Empire State Building this is clearly a curious and unique building there's nothing else quite like it here in the city and it's obviously a successful vibrant home to at least one major internet tech company of the modern era but what is a why does it say Port of New York authority on both sides what does inland terminal number one mean why are their bumpers lining the walls down fifteenth and sixteenth Street to serious question why is the 15th floor elevator lobbies so different and nice why are none of the neighboring buildings anything like this one just what is this place anyway why was it built on this blog in Chelsea why is it so big why is it even here the story of this building is first and foremost the story of this 1500 square miles of raw earth and water nestled away in the little corner of the Atlantic Ocean 771 miles of water fun over eight days four rivers for straights 17 counties 200 municipalities and one major world city it would take a ten not boat about eight days to navigate the entire thing assuming they're not navigating in the middle of the night this is the Port of New York it's an enormously rich resource four times the size of Austin's 46 times the size of Baltimore's 20 times the size of Philadelphia's and it's the foundation on which New York was built some reason the city was created why I grew in the way that it did and why it's the big metropolis it is today before the Industrial Revolution New York was a very different city than it was today in particular transportation was absolutely abysmal if you wanted to get somewhere by land basically you would have to you know take a stagecoach maybe take a horse or most likely walk over dirt rocky gravel ish roads through the woods we didn't have you know roads like we have today it wasn't particularly pleasant or fast getting from New York to Boston might take about six days time so in this period everything moved by water both swirly big deal oceans bays and rivers that's how things moved around and the bays in New York in particular were attractive to settling the city in the first place but come the 19th century all this started to change is a part of the...
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